Green Forest Composites


Green Forest Composites LLC is a composite manufacturer located in the heart of the Midwest. Specializing in using innovative processes to produce lightweight composite materials for premium outdoor products. – Click Here to visit website


Soft Armor


Soft Armor a manufacturer of reproduction military equipment dedicated to building quality belts, magazine pouches, slings and canteen covers designed to perform without equal in the field. That same dedication has now expanded into a full line of innovative police and shooting sports products, including holsters, belts, gun and range cases, and accessories that offer our customers unmatched combination of quality, performance and value. – Click Here to visit website


Record Harvest


Recordharvest precision agriculture solutions delivering  the precision tools necessary to do the job from automated steering to mapping solutions. Plus producer and commercial GPS-based agronomic services to help you get the most out of your input dollar. – Click Here to visit website

WF Norman Corporation


From its turn-of-the-century factory in Nevada, Missouri, the W. F. Norman Corp. uses original machinery and production methods. Panels are made one at a time on antique rope drop hammers, resulting in better quality control than modern hydraulic presses. – Click Here to visit website


Missouri Pecan Growers


Missouri Pecans grow naturally in the rich river bottom soils of Missouri, in the northernmost region of pecan production.  Although slightly smaller than pecans grown in the south, the unique sweetness and higher oil content of these pecans result in extremely flavorful nutmeats preferred by many. – Click Here to visit website