Educational opportunities abound in Nevada…..Are you ready to improve your work skills or want to pursue or continue your professional degree or a career in nursing, welding, become an IT guru or chef?

Critical and creative thinking and interpersonal skills along with education is crucial to community development and growth by providing a strong diversified work force as well as creating a productive and responsible citizen.

Nevada has the educational opportunities to help you capture the career you want.  Two colleges are located in Nevada; Cottey College is a private, two year liberal arts college;  Crowder College is a two year college where you can earn an Associate of Arts degree in Business Administration, Teaching, Psychology, Social Work, Early Childhood Education, or Associates of Science  in Nursing.  Also, the expanding educational opportunities of 4 year programs at both Cottey College and Crowder College make getting that four year degree possible close to home.

Resources from Nevada Regional Technical Center can provide educational opportunities for all facets of education.  For those wanting to specialize in the welding field the Missouri Welding Institute is the solution for you; or start a new career in cosmetology,  Academy of Cosmetology & Esthetics.

Our community is fortunate to have access to a quality education and not have the additional cost of traveling to another city.  You are in the right place to take full advantage of the educational opportunities to help you to succeed in your life.

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